MiPow MiPow Playbulb Garden - 3 Pack
MiPow MiPow Playbulb Garden - 3 Pack

MiPow Playbulb Garden - 3 Pack

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Add colors, lighting effects & intelligence to your garden!

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Article number: BTL-400-BK-3
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1000mAh Internal Lithium-ion Battery. In daytime, PLAYBULB garden automatically absorbs light energy from the sun and stores in the internal lithium-ion battery. Once it is fully charged, it can operate up to 20 hours!

Water Resistant
Integrity Protection Rating: IP65 No worry for spilling water or
unfavorable weather conditions.
Extensible Monopod x 2
PLAYBULB garden suits every single garden. Simply connect the accompanying mono and it's easy to push into grass.
Smart Light Sensor
PLAYBULB garden a smart device.
It turns on automatically when it gets dark
while turns off when it is bright enough.
Day icon
Night icon
5 Special Lighting Effects
The latest version of PLAYBULB X supports 5 special lighting effects.
Pulsing Effect
Flashing Effect
Rainbow Effect
Candle Light Effect
Rainbow Fading Effect
Brightness Control
Control the brightness of your PLAYBULB garden via your phone by just one tap!
Garden light
Color your garden and enjoy more with
PLAYBULB garden. Hightlight your garden
fun with more shining colors.
Guiding light
Walk back home along with wonderful
PLAYBULB garden. Redefine the meaning
of lighting and colors.

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